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Welcome to the world of David Scott Harper

"Little Dave" 1952

This page was born in late 2001. In late 2006 the hosting company got sold so I had to move the site and finally got my own domain name. I have more photos to scan and am always updating, so bookmark us and return often!

What is on this site?

You will find ham radio stuff, family stuff, gun and Cowboy Action Shooting stuff, massage therapy info, scenic photos, and more. I am an amateur photographer with a simple automatic camera and I enjoy capturing nice images and sharing them. There are lots of pictures. Most of them are small "thumbnail" photos that you can click on to see a full-sized image. There is a lot of stuff on this site that will have no interest whatsoever to anyone except my family or friends. But there is a variety of stuff for the rest of you. Here is what you will find (click on the links to see the pages):

Ham Radio Stuff - I've been a "ham" since I was 13. Dxpedition photos and stories from WD5N.

Family Stuff – The Harpers from Abilene are a pretty diverse group. In particular, there is a photo tour of my Dad’s incredibly lifelike artwork, Brian’s artwork, family information and photos, and a tribute to the memory of our youngest sister Paula. Other family members can contribute their own stuff to the family section as they wish.

Cowboy Action Shooting – I enjoy collecting and shooting firearms and reloading. My latest fun activity is Cowboy Action Shooting which involves dressing up in old west garb and firing old-style shooting irons in friendly competitions. It is the fastest growing shooting sport and is a real blast, pun intended. Lots of pictures and information.

Massage Therapy - I have been a part-time massage therapist with an office in central Austin since 1990. Info here.

Scenic Photography – As an amateur shutterbug, I enjoy capturing scenic images. Sunsets are my favorite.

Other Stuff - Photos of friends and various stuffe that doesn't fit in the other categories.

Work - Yeah, it's a dirty four-letter word, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. This page tells you what I've been up to career-wise.

Stay tuned as I figure out how to do this web stuff. Most of these initial pages were created with Microsoft WORD. It has its limitations but is very easy to make web pages.

My new email is: dave42 <at> suddenlink <dot> net - (you know what to do)

This page updated 30 Dec 2006