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This page will has photos of friends and assorted stuff that doesn't go with the other pages. As with the other pages, click on the thumbnail photos to see the full-sized image.



Yeah, I used to be cute

. with Papaw

. scared of Santa L


tough guy!



Starla is a nurse and an artist in Abilene. We've been best buds since high school

Speaking of high school, some of us sent up this sign at the homecoming football game in 1970. It's a long story... J




like chauncy gardner in "being there", I like to watch!

lots of plants reminds me of being in the islands

scuba at bora bora

I was a romulan for halloween about 20 yrs ago

Add some fangs and a Tux and you get Nosferatu!

...I first moved to Austin to start a rock-n-roll band and played for about ten years. This was Stratus. Chip Martin (guitar, sax, flute, vocals), Mark Aston (drums, vocals), Drew Causey (keyboards, vocals), Buddy Fancher (bass, vocals) and David Harper (guitar).

. In '91 I made some new age type music with this Suzuki midi-guitar controller plugged into a Kawai synthesizer. This instrument was made with inferior materials and the rubber fretting rails started melting after a year. I would like to get back into this aspect of music.

.. Had Queenie for 10 years. She was a very cool cat.

. My '83 Honda Shadow 500.

. The "Massage-mobile" 1965 Caddy. It was a neat car. Sold it so I could get a pickup when I moved to Leander.

. She gave me the cold shoulder.


 . I went to many concerts in the 70's & 80's and saved lots of ticket stubs. Unfortunately I lost all of the stubs from the early 70's. Here's some pics of those I managed to save:

1977 . '78-79 . '80 . '81 . '82 . '83 . '84-86


Austin is full of Artistic types and there are many murals painted onto the sides of Buildings. Click here to see a few of them.


What's the deal with "42" and why do I use that?. Click here to find out.


Click here to read about what it takes to be listed by Guinness as "the World's Fittest Man" - this is just some trivia that has nothing to do with me personally but is pretty amazing!





more stuff to come!

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