The Harper Family

This page updated 30 Dec, 2002

The Johnny Harpers from Abilene, that is. Our dad passed away in 1980. He was a musician and an artist. Click here for some examples of his art. Our amazing mom, Patty, still lives in Abilene and does real neat country crafts (photos to come). Our oldest brother Jay is a court reporter in San Antonio. Brian and David live in Leander, TX near Austin. Some of Brian's old artwork is included on our Dadís page. David is a massage therapist. Pam lives in California with her husband Mike Conaway and they have two grown kids, Kristen and David (David is in college). Debbie and her husband Mitchell Shipwash are in Colorado Springs with their two teen girls Melaina and Brittany. They run Local Motion Productions which does video and photography at ice skating competitions. Christopher and his wife Lorilyn are thespians in Atlanta.

Click here for photos and a remembrance of our youngest sister Paula who died in 1998.

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. Xmas '02, our smallest group ever! But we had fun.


...Conaways, Xmas'01

New: Click here for a page of Debbie's pictures from Xmas 2001 in Abilene.

The girls at Xmas 2000 in Abilene (minus Pamie & Kristin)

The guys at Xmas 2000 (minus Mike & David Conaway)

..The Shipwashes, Xmas '00 & '??

..Chris and Lorilyn, Xmas '00 & '??

The Conaways

Pamie & Mike with their dog Winston

. Kristen & David Conaway, then and now.

The girls at Xmas '96

 Harper brothers in '95. We framed this one for Mama.

Patty and Randall Bridges. Randall died in 1995.

. Grandma's retirement in 1970 and in Abilene. She lived to the age of 101.

. Family with Mamaw & Papaw, 1958

. Funny face girls & guys, 1995

. Jaybo & Beeno - the sophisticates

 Love those homemade powdered sugar donuts! This photo was in the Abilene newspaper.

 The Harper kids on Amarillo St.

 The Harpers on Merchant St.


 (more photos to come)

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