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I started shooting in 1998, not having shot a gun since we hunted as kids with a J.C.Higgins single shot .22 rifle. After getting into reloading and enjoying target shooting for a year or so, I found out about CAS (Cowboy Action Shooting) and the rest is history! I won't go too much into a description of CAS, as it has been done well by others. I recommend Captain Baylor's Ranger Camp for info on the basics and getting started; and SASS, the Single Action Shooting Society, for the Shooter's Handbook which explains all the rules and has all kinds of links to vendors and most of the clubs in the country so you can find a club near you to check out. Basically, we dress up in old west clothing and shoot old west style six-shooters, rifles and shotguns. Everyone chooses an alias and that is what you go by. My alias is "Abilene" which I chose since that's where I grew up. We are shooting live ammo at steel plates in timed competitions. But even though it is competition, most of us are into this just because it is so danged fun! It isn't the fastest growing shooting sport for nothing! I shoot smokey black powder cartridges which are harder to load, slower to shoot, and a mess to clean up the guns. But it is more period correct and a lot more fun to shoot!

In 2001 I shot 53 matches with 9 clubs in Texas. On the 49th match (my 83rd match overall since starting to shoot CAS) I finally shot my first "clean" match (no misses) with the Butterfield Trail Regulators in Abilene, TX. Yeehaa! It was 2004 before my 2nd clean match. Due working on weekends for the last few years, Iím shooting less Ė about 15 matches per year. But I am shooting a little more accurately now and as of October 2007 I am up to 9 clean matches.

Here's some photos of me playing cowboy. Click on the small photo to see the full sized image. Then click RETURN or BACK on your browser to return to this page.

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At any particular CAS match, the shooters are divided into posses, and you shoot all the stages (5 to 8 different stages, or scenarios) with your posse. Here are a few of the posses I've had the pleasure of shooting with:

. . .


And here are some assorted shots of some of other shooters:

     Barbwire Jack, son of 3-Cracker Jack. Yes, this is a family sport! Barkeep, with his outstanding guncart that includes a working tap!

Handlebar Bob and Bad Jack entertaining at Comancheria Days.

.  .  Bronco Birnbaum, Quick Majic, and Sexy Sadie at Comancheria Days 2000. Cody King and Miss Red at Comancheria Days 2000. Deaf Laws, Aimless Annie, and Halfhitch at Whoopin' Ass 2000

      El Malo, driving force of the Tejas Caballeros at Comancheria Days 2000. The infamous Gunzilla at Comancheria Days 2000. Part of Ivery's band: Daily Late, Ivery Keys, Grandad McBang at the Travis County Regulators.

      Lassiter Thunder and Newt Ritter at Comancheria Days 2000. Ricky Shay Scout on St. Patrick's Day with Doubledare Kid looking on, at Tejas Caballeros. Montana Greg, Bronco Birnbaum, Tex, Chisler, Cookie Chef, Me, at Range War 2000.

      Sam McDermott with Will Henry looking on, Tejas Caballeros. Silver Bullet Bev with her most awesome holster rig. L.W. Hannabas and Sundown Jones at Tin Star Open 2001

 Gunsmith extraordinaire and Cimarron dealer Bob "Pilgrim" Taylor and Siata Senora. He founded Traditional Effects Co. and I bought a number of guns from him. Bob passed away from cancer on May 29, 2003. See Bob's story. His son Robert Taylor and Martin Brummett ran Traditional Effects for a couple years and I worked there for a while. Sadly, it is no more.


- - We need a guncart to haul around our stuff. Here's mine, made from an old nightstand and a Home Depot hand cart. There are a lot of fancy carts seen at the shoots. Some of them are so nice they look like furniture. So I decided to just start out with furniture J . It has served me well! The second picture is of the cart after 100 matches. As you can see, the finish is wearing off because I never waterproofed it, but it is still holding up. The addition of cowboy boots to hold the butts of the guns was an idea I got from Bad Ace.

And of course we can't forget the guns, can we?

 Before getting into CAS I was into self-defense guns and target shooting with semi-autos and Colt double-action revolvers. Sadly, most of these guns don't get to come out of the safe to play much these days.

This was the 1st time I tried the scoped Anaconda .44 Mag at 100yd. 4 shots in 1.46 inch. Not bad for a handgun!

 These were the cowboy guns back around 2001. From the top, Baikal 12 Ga shotgun, .45LC Winchester '94, .45LC stainless Navy Arms '92 short rifle, Cimarron .357 '73 Carbine, Cimarron .44Spcl '66 short rifle. The pistols aiming right are two Colt .44 Specials and a Colt .45LC. The pistols aiming left are a 100 year old Colt .45LC, a 1915 Colt 32-20, and at the bottom is a Ruger Vaquero .45LC. Several guns have been added since this picture.

I don't have a digital camera (yet). Most of the pictures on this website are scanned photographs. But did you know that if you lay an something (carefully) on the glass of a flatbed scanner, it will take a pretty nice picture! That's how most of the following shots were made:

. .

-Here's a few of the six shooters. At left is a Cimarron antique finish .45, center is a 103-year-old Colt .45, with the two together on the right. They make a good pair!


. .

Here's a Colt .44 Spcl, a Cimarron .38 Spcl 1851 Richards-Mason Conversion, and a Cimarron 44-40 Model P.

 . .

Got a .44 Spcl Cimarron Thunderer shown here with one of my .44 Spcl Colts, next is a 2nd Generation Colt 1971 NRA Centennial .45 with Ajax fake ivory grips "aged" with brown leather dye, and my brother's 1st Generation 32-20 Colt with rare long-flute cylinder.



A pair of Cimarron charcoal blue Richards-Mason 1851 conversions in .38 Spcl, engraved by Kelly Laster. Those were a bonus from working at Traditional Effects - shot a clean match the first time I used them! Second photo is after sending frames to Doug Turnbull for case-hardening. Then I turned them into what I call Thunderer-Mason Conversions! Have shot several clean matches with these, and they are great with BP.



And the.44 Spcl Colts in Bob Mernickle holster rig. The next picture is a 357 '73 carbine and my first set of 1851Navy conversions with their new leather from Lone Star Leather of Austin, TX



Here are several sets of stages I wrote for the Travis County Regulators. Perhaps they will give some ideas to you stage writers. These are Word Documents:


Collection of posts to the SASS Wire and CAS-L on BP shotshell loading: BP12GA

Collection of posts to the SASS Wire and CAS-L on '66 Replacement sights: 66sights

CAS-L post by Hellgate (thanks, pard!) about debugging Cap'n'Ball revolvers: C&B

Article on loading BP in brass shotshells, published in the January 2002 COWBOY CHRONICLE (Word Document): Brass12GA - and here is the file in Adobe Acrobat format: Brass12GA.pdf

 (New - 18 Aug, 2002) Article on Loading BP (and Substitute) Cartridges for CAS. This is a LONG article: BP_for_CAS

(New - 1 Nov, 2002) Article I wrote for the COWBOY CHRONICLE on the Hampton family (Tally Book, More Ammo, Badlands Ben, and World Champ Shalako Joe): Hamptons 

Article on inexpensive clothing for CAS: Duds

NEW (24 June, 2004): Article on an interesting smokeless loading technique using light loads of Clays and grits filler: Clays and Grits

NEW (27 Oct, 2005): Article on easy adjustments on toggle-link rifles: Poor Manís í66 & í73 Action Job


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