St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

This page updated Feb. 20, 2002

I've operated five times on St. Croix, from the highest home on the island at a location known as Windwood, home of the Island Villa Contest Club. The first callsign was WP2AHW (a real mouthful on SSB and a real fistful on CW!) which was changed to WP2Z as soon as the FCC started issuing vanity calls again. Larry, KE2VB, talked the owner into buying some radio gear and antennas so hams would want to rent it. The great radio conditions are only superceded by the great views. Windwood has its own website which you can check for more photos (some of which I took) and rental info.

This page is currently under construction. I have quite a few photos to scan and will be adding more here as I get to them. There are also some St. Croix sunset photos on my Scenic Photos page.

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Views from the House




Above photo was in '99 shortly after a bad hurricane killed much of the vegetation. Notice all the brown areas compared to the green in other pictures. The power was out on the hilltop the entire week so we had to use a generator.

Views of the house from below (or above)


Views of elsewhere on the island





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