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Winter Range 2003 & Shot Show 2003

This page updated 22 Feb, 2003

In early 2003 I worked selling guns for Cimarron for a week in Phoenix at Winter Range, the National Championship of Cowboy Action Shooting, and then for a week at the Shot Show in Orlando. The driving (straight through), loading/unloading, setting up, etc. was hard work but talking about cowboy shooting and guns all day was a lot of fun. In both cases we were so busy that I didn't get to look around at the other vendors, but I snapped a few pics at our booth.

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Winter Range - Phoenix


I worked with Robert "Cimarron Gunrunner" Taylor of Traditional Effects Co., and Cimarron Owner Mike "Texas Jack Omohundro" Harvey and daughter Jamie "Texas Tornado" Harvey



Assorted celebrities dropped by. Here's Phil Spangenberger and Evil Roy, talking to Mike about the Cimarron guns he is now using.


- -

There were assorted entertainers. A singing cowboy, and Dr. Lafitte, Knight of the Green Cloth. Lafitte was really a hoot, doing magic tricks, running a Faro table, and general witty charm, shown here posing with Jamie. His website: Lafitte - Pistol Packin' Paula also put on a gun-twirling bullwhip-crackin' show in the main tent, but I didn't get a chance to go see her. However, she came by our tent and twirled and flipped some Cimarron guns a bit. Dang, she's cute, too! But I didn't have my camera handy. Her website: Pistol Packin Paula


Here I am with a Walker. Everybody should have one of these.


The Cimarron trailer

SHOT SHOW - Orlando

A couple weeks after Winter Range, we hauled the trailer to Florida for the Shot Show. This was my first time to this event, and unfortunately we again were too busy to go looking at the other vendors (1400 of them!). Since we were "in character" we had lots of folks taking our picture, and I am supposed to be on Argentina television talking about Cowboy Action Shooting! Bill "Wil Henry" Stout and I talked about guns and CAS, Mike schmoozed with the biggies, and Marcey, Jamie, and Mary Lou took care of taking orders and paperwork.

The Cimarron Booth


Bill and I pose while Marcey takes orders, and posing again with Jamie.

The Harveys: Mike, Mary Lou, Jamie

Tequila dropped by the booth and lived up to his name. He is planning to produce a TV show for the Outdoor Channel in 2004 or '05.


The vertical gun cases held customized, engraved guns. If I had a digital camera, you would be seeing a lot of closeups of some of these awesome guns.

This is a Colt Thuer Conversion, one of two made by Uberti. It wasn't on display, but I pulled it out to show a few folks. Very interesting gun; rimless tapered cartridges load in from the front of the cylinder on the right side of the gun. After firing, the conversion ring is rotated and then dropping the hammer ejects the spent cartridges one at a time out the front. Now that Uberti is in a larger factory with capacity for new projects, Mike is hoping to have these guns produced in a year or so.

I played the bugle several times a day, and a nice lady named La Von rewarded me by giving me a cool sundial compass. These are reproductions of one from the 18th century. Thanks, La Von! Here's their website: Sundial Compass


I'll have a couple more pix here when I get another roll of film finished. One full shot of the painted Cimarron backdrop, and a closeup of the first Open Top.


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