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Shot Show 2004

This page updated 29 May, 2004

This was my 2nd time to Shot Show as one of Cimarron's road crew. Once again, I was too busy at our booth to get to walk around and see anything, and only took a few pics. Click the small pictures to see the full-size image.

Montana Greg, Wil Henry, and Evil Roy at the Cimarron booth.

Joey Dillon, World Champion Gun Twirler, did three shows a day at our booth. I would signal the start of each performance with reveille on the bugle. Very entertaining!

You never know who will come wandering by. Here's Billy Boots, Evil Roy, Trailrider, and the Duke (Brisco Kid).

How come Bill gets to pose with all the pretty girls? Here he is with the lovely Fannie Kikkenshoot and Tornado Ali.

Primedia came by and wanted a pic of me showing a Wyatt Earp Buntline to Guns & Ammo columnist Bart Skelton. They put this pic on the G&A website.

One of Cimarron's Show Guns is the first reproduction '72 Opentop, serial number X01. This year it is sporting an awesome new set of ivory grips carved by Paul Persinger to match a period design.


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