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This page last updated August 8, 2003

I do not intend to try to make this an exhaustive resource, just a few CAS-related links that you may find interesting and informative. There a number of other links scattered the articles and photo pages on this site.

SASS - The Single Action Shooting Society is the organization that defines our sport. Newcomers should definitely read the Shooters Handbook. The SASS Wire is a very active CAS discussion group. And their links page has many resources listed.

Frontier Spot - Another good CAS discussion group.

CAS Resources - These folks have put together a thorough resource of info on CAS, with lots of links.

Captain Baylor's Ranger Camp - Good info for the beginning CAS participant (even if the good Captain is a little partial to Rugers and Marlins, heheh)

Guncarts - Coal Valley Hoss has put together lots of pics of a whole variety of guncarts. This can be great for getting ideas.

Tony Tinhorn - Tony has lots of pics and info on grips, plus shooting pics and some good links to online articles.

Marauder's Cowboy Pages - Good info here on how to do maintenance and improvements on a number of shooting irons.

Piney Woods' Place - Piney has a variety of stuff here, but what is unique is a listing of nearly 8000 SASS aliases. Since there are 50,000 SASS members (minus those who have died or dropped out), this is by no means a complete list of aliases, but it is great for getting ideas.

Doc McCandless' Picture Pages - Doc has gathered a very large number of pictures of CAS folks. Click on "The Old West Action Shooting Gallery"

LINKS to a few of the Texas Clubs I shoot with

Travis County Regulators (2nd Saturday & Sunday, Smithville)

Tejas Caballeros (3rd Saturday, Driftwood)

Alamo Area Moderators (4th Saturday, Bulverde)

Tin Star Texans (1st Saturday, Fredericksburg. The club has no website but this is the website of the Tin Star Ranch. Unfortunately the club has disbanded as the ranch owner decided not to allow monthly shooting any more, citing insurance reasons)

Butterfield Trail Regulators (4th Saturday, Abilene)

Check SASS Clubs Page for websites of other clubs throughout the country

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