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End of Trail 2003

This page updated 18 April, 2003

This was my 1st time to EOT, and while I wasn't shooting, I would rather be there working than not be there! Met lots of folks whose names I recognized from the SASS Wire and the Gunfighter Zone. I didn't have time to wander around too much, but there was a never-ending parade of interesting folks in front of the Cimarron tent, and I managed to snap a few pics. Wish I could have gotten more. My camera malfunctioned once and rewound after the 3rd shot, so my pic of Colonel Sir Harry Paget Flashman did not come out - sorry!

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Kanada Kid and Kanada Girl

Wicked Felina, Evil Roy, Holy Terror. Evil won Senior Men, and Holy won Junior and Ladies Traditional. They have switched from Rugers to Cimarron guns. Holy Terror is really getting tall, although you can't tell here next to gramps.

Outlaw Annie (Colt rep and champion mounted shooter) with a guy who goes around to these events pretending to be Phil Spangenberger.


Huricane With One R (that's what her badge said) and Shotglass pose with Capt. George Baylor. And Shotglass will use any excuse to bend over. Also, she won 2nd in the Soiled Dove costume contest and Capt. Baylor won the Military costume class. And congrats to Shotglass and Texas Jack Daniels for being named SASS Regulators.

Speaking of cleavage, Opal Rose wore a different wild outfit each day.

Wil Henry poses with "Double Trouble" mounted shooters Rhoda Spottedhorse and Burnt Sienna (which is which???)

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There were lots of great looking Injuns and cavalry. A couple of them got the drop on ol' Tex.


Joey Dillon won the gun twirling championship. His website:


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Pistol-Packin' Paula was 2nd in the gun twirling championship. Her website:


Joe Bowman - gun twirler, fast draw, and card tricks. A great entertainer and a real class act.

Knifemaker won the Silver Screen costume award.

The always elegant Cat Ballou

. .

Lots of great outfits everywhere you looked.


There were lots of neat guncarts, too. Castiron Mike built a war wagon.

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Texas Tornado and Rose of Texas. The hoop skirt outfit and hat was made by Huricane.

Abilene, Cimarron Gunrunner, Logan, Texas Jack Omohundro, Wil Henry

Robert "Cimarron Gunrunner" Taylor, Jr. - Would you buy a gun from this guy?

I didn't make it over to the shooting line much, but what would EOT be without a few pics of some shooting stages?


These return trip pics of a New Mexico sunrise and rocks are a bit blurry as I was driving with one hand and shooting with the other.

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