Here is a collection I saved of posts to the CAS-L list and the SASS Wire regarding replacement sights for '66 Winchester "yellowboy" replicas. Many of the guns with the flip-up ladder sights, including mine, shot quite a bit high. I chose to use the Ruger 10-22 sights on my '66 short rifle, including the Ruger front sight which is very thin with a small brass bead and I really like it. Both sights cost me $12 at a gunshop. Had to file (sand) the bottom of the sights a little bit to get them to fit in the rifle's dovetails. - Abilene


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part # 579-065-001 that's a full buckhorn. I get the short shank one and mount it backwards. If you have an octagon barrel look at 579-604-121 that a 3/32 front gold bead. Enjoy

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Brownell's has a nice buckhorn with latter. It's a bit pricey I think around $130. A buddy of mine just bought a 66 and had the same complaint and he ordered a 73 rear sight for $25 from Uberti. Seemed to help him. Good luck.

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Call Brownells and get their advice. I bought the following:

1. Part # 579-065-001 full buckhorn, short shank mounted backwards. $17.00

2. Part # 579-604-121 a 3/32 front gold bead $11.50

I haven't got them mounted yet but as soon as I do I will tell you how they do.


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posted October 09, 2001 09:27 AM


Rear---Marbles tang sight

Front---Marbles brass bead


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posted October 09, 2001 09:40 AM


I just did this yesterday on Navy Arms "Yellowboy". We replaced the rear sight with a full buckhorn ordered from Brownells at a cost of $17.00 plus I think $2.00 shipping.

My front sight is a one-piece connected to the barrel band so I can't replace it with the dovetail Marbles sight. I contacted Navy Arms directly and they said the they had the one piece (sight & barrel band) sight like Marbles with the brass bead. The cost on that is $11.00 plus $2.50 for shipping.


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posted October 09, 2001 08:18 AM


On my Uberti 38 '66 I

Use a 10/22 sight, a folder I bought at a gun show for $10.00. I believe the front sight is a .412 Brass bead. Think it was less than 10.00 w/ a 3/8 dove tail.



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Hello the wire !

The front sight you need is a Marbles #50-W.

It is .500 tall, 1/16th "Gold" bead, is beveled at the front (like a Colt front sight, so it won't get damaged leaning against a wall).

The Brownells part number is: 579-105-031. It is located on page 263 of the number 54 catalog.

Brownells phone number is: 641-623-4000