WD5N thanks you for the contest QSO(s).

Here's my DX operations:

1990 CQWW-SSB - 6D2X (Mexico) Multi-Single. IC781, TS940, Alpha Amps, KT34XA at 85', 2-el 40M

at 90'. 8169 QSO's, 2nd Place N.America.

1993 CQWW-CW - WD5N/HC8 Single-Op-All-Band-Low-Power. TS690S to an 80M inverted vee at 25'

fed with tuner on all bands. 1722 QSO's for 2nd Place Low Power in South America.

1994 ARRL-CW - FO0HAR SOAB-LP. TS690 on battery to 13' whip on beach at Bora Bora. 135 QSO's.

1994 ARRL-SSB - FO0HAR SOAB-LP. TS690 on battery to 40M inverted vee hung from palm tree on

Tahiti. 187 QSO's.

1994 CQWW-CW - 6D2X (Mexico) Multi-Single. TS940's, Alpha Amps, KT34XA at 85', 2-el 40 at 90'.

3rd Place N.America, 8th Place World.

1995 CQWW-CW - WP2AHW (now WP2Z) The Island Villa Contest Club, St.Croix. SOAB-LP. FT1000

to F-12 C4XL at 40'. 4200 QSO's, 1st Place N.America, 4th place world.

1996 ARRL-SSB - WP2AHW Multi-Single (2 operators). FT1000, AL80A Amp, C4XL at 40'. 7509

QSO's for 2nd Place World.

1996 CQWW-CW - VP5EA at Jody's Hamlet in the Turks and Caicos. SOAB-LP. IC738 to PRO-67B at

50' and F-12 80M dipole at 55'. 3200 QSO's, 2nd Place N.America, 3rd Place World.

1997 CQWW-CW - VP5EA again at Jody's Hamlet. IC751A this time. 15M-Single-Band-Low-Power.

2775 QSO's, 1st Place World, New World Record. Also 800 QSO's on 40M-Lo-Pwr

1998 CQWW-CW - WP2Z Island Villa Contest Club, St. Croix.. TS690. SOSB-LP 10M - 2481 Q's

New NA record.

1999 CQWW-CW - WP2Z , St. Croix. SOSB-LP 10M - IC-751A. 2440 Q's, another New NA record.

2000 ARRL CW - VP5EA, SOAB-LP. IC751A. 3973 Q's. First Place World.

2000 CQWW-CW - WP2Z , St. Croix. SOSB-LP 10M - IC751A. 2300 Q's